Sheena - I got my swap package from you earlier this week. I cried when I opened it. Seriously. I know you've been having a hard time right now with looking for a job and money situations and the package you made for me was just above and beyond anything I could have ever expected.

My daughters each took a lip gloss and the headbands are now in their hair-do bin, which is by the door (i can't explain this any better than that) but they did let me know we could "share them". Ha!

I got:

3 Mark lipglosses
Mark makeup compact (Hannah stole this, and covered her entire face)
3 headbands
handknit hat and matching cowl
beaded necklace (Hannah took this as well, but she did give it back)- did you make this? it's amazing! I wore it to work and got lots of compliments.
beaded earrings
nail strips
cotton scarf
creamed honey
tea & spoon
bag of random craft supplies - i hid this from the kids until we have time to play with it, they would have wanted to do it *now*

Thank you so so much, seriously.

I have still not sent out my box. Yes I know. My excuse is that I'm totally not used to working 40 hours a week and when I get home at night I literally just sit on the couch and stare at things. I gotta work it out.

In the car

This poor dog has been in the car for a significant portion of her life thus far! We wet just at Tony's mom's (6 hours of drive time total) for the weekend, we are 2 hours away from home right now. I still love my van but I'm not big on long car trips.

Puppy has gone with us everywhere! She's so good! Tony's mom's boyfriend said she will be very easy to train, and I hope so! Wendy (Tony's sister) said she has a good temperament, so that's positive too.

Boring update but it reflects my mood!

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photo.JPG, originally uploaded by bridgetroll.

I made this wreath with 7 boxes of peeps (you know the 4-packs), a paper plate that I cut the middle out of, and hot glue. The ribbons were from my ribbon horde.

I'm trying to reduce my craft-stash I spent about 3.50 on this (peep cash!) it's super cute. I think I might be able to keep it too since peeps get so hard. I kept my trees I made of gumballs at christmas time three years ago and they held up fine in storage, but it's not like I can't make another peep wreath...