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Sheena - I got my swap package from you earlier this week. I cried when I opened it. Seriously. I know you've been having a hard time right now with looking for a job and money situations and the package you made for me was just above and beyond anything I could have ever expected.

My daughters each took a lip gloss and the headbands are now in their hair-do bin, which is by the door (i can't explain this any better than that) but they did let me know we could "share them". Ha!

I got:

3 Mark lipglosses
Mark makeup compact (Hannah stole this, and covered her entire face)
3 headbands
handknit hat and matching cowl
beaded necklace (Hannah took this as well, but she did give it back)- did you make this? it's amazing! I wore it to work and got lots of compliments.
beaded earrings
nail strips
cotton scarf
creamed honey
tea & spoon
bag of random craft supplies - i hid this from the kids until we have time to play with it, they would have wanted to do it *now*

Thank you so so much, seriously.

I have still not sent out my box. Yes I know. My excuse is that I'm totally not used to working 40 hours a week and when I get home at night I literally just sit on the couch and stare at things. I gotta work it out.
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