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All the children are sleeping!! I have so much energy right now it's awful I should really try to go to bed.

Hannah slept pretty well last night, she only got up twice. Well by twice I mean we went to bed around 1AM she got up at 4, then again at 7 after that I just got up and took her downstairs. She took another bit of a nap and as of 9AM she was nursing every hour on the hour until about 5, when she took another 2 hour nap. Nursed at 7, again at 8, 9, 10:30, 11:30, and decided she had to be held, up on my shoulder so she could look around, until about 20 minutes ago.

I'm expecting her to be up in about 45 minutes or so since I'm not letting her sleep in bed with me. I just can not get any sleep if she in bed with me I'm way too paranoid, on top of that she really likes to mush her nose into everything including pillow/blankets/my face so she has to sleep in her cot. Sorry Hannah. It's right beside the bed, actually pushed right up beside my side of it so it's not like she can't hear my breathing/see me when she opens up one eye and makes sure someone is still around, she also gets the boob on demand, it's a nice life!

She's almost grown out of her 0-3month clothes! I need to see how many 3-6 month stuff I have a make a trip to the store. The older kids need snow boots and snow pants, btw, it's snowing right now and about 15 degrees with 40MPH wind gusts. We're supposed to get an inch tomorrow during the day and then on Friday it's supposed to be 54 degrees. What the hell man.